Ordos Bronze Ware Museum

Wangda Showcases won the museum display case contract for Ordos Bronze Ware Museum which is a comprehensive museum that displays and researches local historical and cultural collections. Inspired by the “Crown of the Huns”, the museum’s design team deconstructed the “crown” via architectural approaches and created a building image to match the theme of the sculptural Crown of the King. The overall design of the building reshapes the terrain and creates a podium building as its base. The façade of the podium building was decorated with symbols abstracted from Ordos bronze ware to represent the time-honored culture of the Mongolian Nationality. The façade features 100mm Sandwich Wall Panels from Hunter Douglas. In August 2012, the product delivery was completed. The lightweight quality of the Sandwich Wall Panels not only meets the building’s requirements of heat insulation, but also fully shows the unique effect of the building.

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