620 meters in length, 2.8 meters in width, 3.2 meters in height-the worldwide longest single museum display case is designed,manufactured and installed by Wangda Showcases! In large size and in curved design,the series of technical parameters and points including its safety,security,airtight-ness and micro climate etc.still perfectly meet the highest museum protection and conservation criteria.This enormous curved museum display case is customized to house "Record of the Great World Genesis"-the worldwide longest colored painting scroll with a length of 618 meters and a width of 2.5 meters.The whole scroll covers more than 1,500 square meters and weighs over 1,000 kilograms.

Its contents involve the history, culture, folk customs and arts of the Tibetan ethnic minority, including the formation of the world, the origin of the Tibetan ethnic minority, past Tibetan kings, the story of Sakyamuni, different sects of Tibetan Buddhism, historical celebrities, medicine, astronomy, literature, architecture, as well as scenic spots and historical sites in Tibet, festival scenes, costumes, articles for daily use, weapons, decorative patterns, and so on. Thus, it can be regarded as the encyclopedia of Tibetan history and culture. All of the pigments used to paint the scroll come from the nature, such as the mineral pigment made from gold, silver, coral, agate, pearl and diamond, and plant pigments made from saffron, madder and rhubarb.

Inheriting the techniques of traditional Tibetan paintings, the work also assimilates the skills used in western paintings, bringing viewers a new and fresh aesthetic experience. The whole scroll features an exquisite touch and depicts many lifelike human figures. The densest places on the scroll contain more than 300 human figures or 30 palace rooms per square meter -- that's more than 2,480 mural images on each square inch, which can only be achieved using a brush with a neb of a single hair. Many subminiature images can only be detected with the help of a magnifying glass.

Hereinafter are old exhibition without protection and conservation by modernized museum display cases

Hereinafter are the photos of on-site installation by Wangda Showcases to install the high-end curved longest museum display cases for the museum

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