WANGDA SHOWCASES Won the Museum Showcases Tender for National Maritime Museum of China

After the global public tendering and competition,finally WANGDA SHOWCASES succeeded in the large tender package of museum display cases for National Maritime Museum of China,to desgin,supply and install all the high-standard museum display cases for all the galleries. With With an investment of 2 billion CNY and covering 80,000 square meters,National Maritime Museum of China,with same position to Palace Museum of China, could be called "Palace Museum in the Sea". If we say Palace Museum is the iconic museum presenting China's land civilization,then National Maritime Museum of China is the iconic museum presenting China's sea civilization. 

As the first state-level comprehensive non-profit maritime museum in China, National Maritime Museum has already collected 48,000 valuable items related to sea civilization. It will display the natural and humanistic history of the ocean, and serve as a base for patriotic education, a platform for the exchanges of maritime technology, and an indicative facility of maritime culture. It will fulfill a wide range of functions: collection and protection, display and education, exchanges and dissemination, tourism and sightseeing. This project is a milestone in the maritime development of China, bringing an end to the history that there was no national-class maritime museum.

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