Robust Steel Structure for Museum Showcases

Glass panels are safely bonded to solid glass-receiving profiles by dedicated neutral and high intensity cure agent then firmly bolted to robust steel structure.The maximum load bearing with lower steel plinth is not less than 150kg/m2.Levelling adjusters are installed at the bottom for easy level adjustment and master rollers are optionally available at the bottom of plinth for easy positioning around the museum interior.1.5mm~2mm thick steel panels clad the surface of plinth.Powder-coating finish in standard RAL colour for all the exposed aluminium extrusion and steel parts eradicates possible oxidation so the integral durability is enhanced.
In order to protect the museum display cases and internal exhibits from seismic shocks,museum display cases can be secured to the floor or be installed on an isolator system which can be fixed in display cases to carry the art object or under the display cases to carry the whole display cases.