Security from Museum Grade Display Cases

Security by Safety Glass for Displaying Volume

The displaying volume of museum showcases is constructed by anti-bandit safety glass with latest frameless glass bonding technology, which considerably increase the strength level and anti-bandit performance of showcases.Even in the event of heavy hit,PVB film interlayers will not be penetrated through and still keep glass together by holding the glass fragments in place to prevent glass break from scattering so it can effectively resist most phsical attack and avoid possible damage to displayed exhibits and hurt to museum staff.The laminated glass meets the internationally-accepted security criteria of safety glass-EN 356 Part 4A(the steel ball drop impact test-a 4.11kg solid steel ball to be dropped from 9 meters height onto laminated glass in a triangle for 3 times but no penetration through the galss,as well as the impact falling ball test- an axe hammer attack by a 2 kg head on a 900 mm long handle). 

High-Security Lock System

Museum-dedicated locking system,Abloy cam locks system for museum display cases,museum display cabinets,showcases,vitrines are made by special extra-hard,anti-friction and rust-proof metal material.The keys have extremely lowest mutual rate.Abloly lock systems safeguard the access of museum display cases,which enhances extraordinarily the integral security of museum display cases. 

Unique Construction

Based on a unique operating principle which employs rotatingdetainer discs, ABLOY® camlocks offer advantages that other locking systems cannot achieve.

Physical Strength

ABLOY® cam locks combine excellence in design with the very latest engineering and production technology. Additional resistance to physical attacks is ensured by the use of case-hardened steel components.

Resistance to Harsh Conditions

The ABLOY® cylinder contains no springs or pins which could cause it to malfunction in a wide range of environmental conditions.All the components are hightly resistant to wear, dirt, moisture,corrosion or freezing conditions.

Virtually Pickproof

The ABLOY® PROTEC cylinder employs a new, patented disc blocking system (DBS) which makes it impossible to manipulate the cylinder so that it opens without the correct key.

User Friendly

The disc control system and symmetrical key make ABLOY® cam locks easy to operate.

Masterkeying Capabilities

Based on a unique operating principle which employs rotating detainer discs, ABLOY® cam locks offer advantages that other locking systems cannot achieve.Due to the unique construction and design,Abloy locks are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.An ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite refers to a system whereby the Masterkey will operate all the ABLOY locks within the suite, whilst Sub-Masterkeys will operate a group or an individual ABLOY lock within the suite. A unique feature of an ABLOY Masterkeyed suite, is that it allows you to include all different lock types for different applications within the same suite. These can include, amongst others - door locks, padlocks, drawer locks, electric locks, etc.

The simplest solution is a master key system with all locks operated by individual keys and an overriding master key operating all locks. Our solutions also encompass highly sophisticated key architecture, providing multi-level restriction with multiple master keys operating across many sites, overridden by a single grand master key.

The objectives of an ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite are to regulate the movement of employees within the system, whilst providing the convenience of each keyholder carrying only a single key. In order for these objectives to be met, it is vital that the ABLOY Masterkeyed suite is designed properly, taking into account the current and future situation of the company in question. Abloy has many years' experience in designing large, complex Masterkeyed suites (often covering multiple buildings, sites and applications), meeting the specific, unique requirements of every company. Proper system design will ensure all objectives are met, as well as allow for growth of the system. 

Alarming System

Alarming systems like glass break alarm,touch alarm,micro switch,magnetic reed contact and vibration detector can be supplied for configuration on request.