Safety glass,Abloy locks and Alarming systems


Well seal is perfectly achieved by structural consistency,precise  fabrication,dedicated seal extrusion,non-hazardous neutral sealant and silicon  seal strip between vertical adjacent glass panels.Integral seal of museum  display case ensures the rate of air exchange in internal display volume is not  more than 0.1 per 24 hours,consequently,the external dust can be prevented from  entering into the inside of museum display cases to create a dust free display space. Laminated safety glass extremely increases the strength level and anti-bandit  feature of glass.Even in the event of heavy hit,PVB film will not be  penetrated through and will still keep glass together by holding the glass  fragments in place to prevent glass break from scattering so it can effectively  resist most phsical attack and avoid possible damage to displayed exhibits and  hurt to museum staff.The laminated glass meets the internationally accepted  security criteria of safety glass-EN 356 Part 4A(the steel ball drop impact  test-a 4.11kg solid steel ball to be dropped from 9 meters height onto laminated  glass in a triangle for 3 times but no penetration through the galss,as well  as the impact falling ball test- an axe hammer attack by a 2 kg head on a 900 mm  long handle).



Abloy  cam locks system for museum display cases are fabricated by special  extra-hard,anti-friction and rust-proof metal material.The keys have extremely  lowest mutual opening rate.Abloly lock systems safeguard  the access of museum display cases securely,which enhances extraordinarily the  integral security of museum display cases. 


Alarming systems like glass break alarm,touch alarm,micro switch,magnetic reed contact and vibration detector can be supplied for configuration on request.