Planning department

Planning department makes our company’s development plan and strategies for medium and long term,plays our company’s development layout as a whole,puts forward foresight guidance as well as ensures our company’s devel…

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Design department

Design department carries out the overall design and development of museum display cases for museums. The core job is for exhibition design and display cases design, as well as work for professional suggestion and soluti…

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Technology department

Technology department undertakes and carries on research,study and development for latest production technology and craftsmanship,conservational and artistic lighting solutions,constant humidity and temperature. Working …

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Procurement Department

Procurement Department is the first door to realize superb quality.Wangda always executes critical and strict quality control from the source of materials.All the materials are selected from qualified suppliers and every…

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Production department

Production department is the key division to realize original design concept and desired exhibition solutions.All the productions by production department strictly conform to the intended plan,design,shop drawings,with n…

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