• Museum Display Cases,Conservation & Display Systems

    Professional to R&D,manufacture,supply and install museum display cases and related conservation and exhibition display systems.

  • Pursuit, R&D, Innovation,Teamwork

    Endless pursuit, Limitless R&D, Continuous innovation,Collaborative teamwork.

  • Quality,Reliability, Service,Professionality

    Superb Quality, Reliable Credibility, Professional Service, Experienced Supply.No outstanding management,no high quality.

  • Freestanding Cases, Table Cases, Wall Cases, Modular Cases, Irregular Cases

    For different exhibited objects and actual exhibitions,we design and supply different types of display cases like freesanding display cases,table display cases,wall display cases,modular display cases and irregular display cases.

Endless Pursuit,Constant Innovation
Being the first professional manufacturer and supplier of museum display cases under frameless and all glass structure in China, WANGDA initiated to design,fabricae,supply and in ...